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Traveling Low-Voltage Cable Technician

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Location: Austin, Texas

Job Description

Position:  Low-voltage Cable Technician
Location:  Traveling - start from Lowell, Arkansas
Schedule:  Mon - Saturday, 8pm - 8am (on site)
Length:  6 weeks to several months
Hours:  60 per week (or more)
Job Type:  contract
Degrees or certs needed:  None

Skills needed:  RJ-45 Crimper, Cable Toner, pulling cable, cable splicing, installing new switches, access point installation, scissortail lift operation.

Tools needed:  

Impact punch down tool
10-1 screwdriver or equivalent
Small tool bag with common hand tools like wrenches, sockets, hammer, etc.
1.           Snips (AKA electrician's scissors)
2.           Pliers
3.           Screw drivers (or a 10 in 1 screwdriver)
4.           Drill bits
5.           Flush cut
6.           RJ45 Crimper
7.           Cable toner

40 hours at $21/hr. = $840.00
20 hours of OT at $31.5/hr. = $630.00
Total = $1,470 per week

$45 for food per day = $315 per week
Company vehicle, long-distance driving, & lodging is paid for too.

Rules and Qualifications:
•            All candidates must be at least 21 years old, have a current valid Driver’s License, no DUI or DWI’s in the last 3 years, and no negative driving patterns.
•            All candidates must get to Lowell, AR on their own dime, pay does not start until the Rollout Day.
•            All techs must get home on their own dime, either when the Rollout is finished or when they are terminated.
•            Once on the Rollout, there is no going home until the project is finished.
•            They cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while working, driving our vehicles or at the office on Rollout Day.
•            Make sure they understand what per-diem is for Food and Lodging, no other expenses, no barrowing money from partners ($125).
•            Being on time to the Rollout is imperative, it is in your BEST interest to make sure your techs are in town the night before, rested, on time and awake on Rollout Day.
•            No pets at the office on Rollout Day.
•            No extra people, like wives, cousins, sisters, kids, grandma, only the technician needs to be at our office on Rollout Day.
•            Confirm that they have their tools and belongings when arriving for Rollout Day.
•            Please do your very best to only submit candidates that come across as trustworthy. We are sending them out with a vehicle, tools, and materials, if you get a shady feeling about them before hand, please do not submit!! Or let us know to take them off the confirmed list. Our goal this year is to have minimal turnover.
•            Techs that are tech savvy are a plus!
•            Make sure they have safety boots, no sandals, slippers, or tennis shoes while working on site.
•            Good hygiene is preferred. Please make sure they are well groomed and presentable. They could be customer facing.
•            Only technicians that came thru orientation or approved by the Fleet Manager are allowed in our vehicles, they cannot bring their pets or other humans in our vehicles.
•            If they are arriving for Rollout Day in their personal vehicle, we have a secured lot they can park in.
•            They will be provided with 6 company tee-shirts and a badge on Rollout Day.

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