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Engineering Excellence

At Archon Resources, we’re committed to bridging the gap between innovative companies and exceptional engineering talent. Whether you’re a candidate seeking your next challenge or a client in pursuit of engineering excellence, we understand the pivotal role that skilled engineers play in the success of your projects and enterprises. Our dedicated team specializes in connecting top-tier engineering professionals with opportunities that not only match their skills and aspirations but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in the engineering world. From civil to software engineering, and everything in between, Archon Resources is your partner in building the future. Let us guide you towards your next milestone with the precision and expertise that only Archon can offer.

Engineering Areas We Serve

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Chemical Engineering

Building a bridge between top-tier talent and leading companies is crucial for fostering innovation and growth within the industry. These entities strive to match candidates who possess a blend of technical expertise, creative problem-solving skills, and a strong foundation in chemical engineering principles, with organizations seeking to drive forward their projects and research endeavors. Clients, ranging from multinational corporations to niche startups, seek candidates who can contribute to diverse areas such as process engineering, product development, and environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, candidates look for roles that not only utilize their specialized skills but also offer opportunities for professional development and impact.

Positions in Chemical Engineering:

• Process Engineers
• Product Development Engineers
• Biochemical Engineers
• Environmental Engineers
• Materials Engineers

• Safety Engineers
• Petroleum Engineers
• Plastics Engineers
• Food Process Engineers
• Pharmaceutical Engineers

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Electrical Engineering

We specialize in matching the unique skills and ambitions of professionals with the specific needs and culture of organizations, ensuring a harmonious and productive relationship. By leveraging their extensive network and expertise in the electrical engineering sector, Archon Resources facilitates connections that drive innovation, project success, and career growth, making them an essential partner for both companies and individuals looking to make a significant impact in the field.

Positions in Network/System Architecture:

• Power Engineers
• Control Engineers
• Electronic Engineers
• Microelectronic Engineers
• Signal Processing Engineers

• Telecommunications Engineers
• Instrumentation Engineers
• Computer Engineers
• Systems Engineers

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Mechanical Engeenering

candidates who are not just technically proficient but are also aligned with their specific project needs and organizational culture. Conversely, candidates benefit from opportunities that match their expertise and career aspirations, allowing them to contribute significantly to transformative projects. Candidates who are not just technically proficient but are also aligned with their specific project needs and organizational culture. Conversely, candidates benefit from opportunities that match their expertise and career aspirations, allowing them to contribute significantly to transformative projects.
Positions in Mechanical Engineering

• Mechatronics Engineer
• Nuclear Engineer
• Packaging Engineer
• Piping Engineer
• Robotics Engineer
• Structural Engineer
• Thermal and Fluids Engineer
• Thermal Systems Engineer

Contract, Contract-To-Hire And Direct Hire

Archon recognizes the diverse hiring needs of businesses and has meticulously crafted its services to offer Contract, Contract-To-Hire, and Direct Hire solutions, each designed to meet different workforce requirements and objectives.

Here’s how Archon approaches these three pivotal staffing services:






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Joe Cox
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I have had the pleasure of using Archon Staffing for filling my contract positions in the drafting department. Matt has gone above and beyond in meeting my needs. I tell Matt what I am looking for and he get his team busy to meet that need. When the candidate falls short of the mark, Matt adjusts accordingly. When the situation changes on our end, Matt will adjust accordingly, no complaints. Matt stands out is his service after the placement of the employee, he has been there when any need has arisen. Matt is not afraid to have the hard conversations with any employee he places and get them back on track when needed. I enjoy working with Matt and Archon and look forward to working with them in any future staffing needs.
Dy Malloy
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I reached out to Archon about a possible employment opportunity and had such a wonderful experience with the recruiting staff. Rebecca was not just friendly and professional; she also exceeded my expectations and was able to guide me through some employment questions with helpful advice beyond the interview at hand. That dedication to me as an individual really impressed me. Overall, it was a wonderful interview, and I would definitely recommend reaching out to Archon Resources if you are looking for an inviting organization to help with your employment needs.
Reba Gillespie
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Rebecca was absolutely wonderful, and I believe has found me the perfect job. Major determination on her part. And it is greatly appreciated!
Tom Apitz
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I worked with Mary Grace, and she was amazing. She reached out to all my references, followed up continually, ensured all my questions were answered and made my job search a priority. Could not recommend Mary Grace and Archon Resources enough. 100% 5 stars!
Spencer Moseley
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I had the privilege of working with Mary Grace at Archon. She helped me set reasonable expectations, answered all of my questions, and literally reached out to all of my references within a day or two of me sending her their contact info. Cannot recommend Archon enough.
Nathaniel Williams
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I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Shoffstall in my search for a job after being laid off due to COVID.What immediately separates Rebecca and Archon Resources from other recruiting companies is they actually want you to call them. How refreshing is that? What's even more impressive is that they will call you back and want to take the time to get to know you so that they can make sure you are given the best chance for success. In my job search, I submitted applications to at least 30-40 recruiting companies...Archon was the *only* company who contacted me. Most of them did not even send any kind of email response to my applications. Not only was I contacted and had a great initial conversation with Rebecca, but she was also able to quickly schedule an interview.


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